Ocala Storytelling Festival

Volunteer Job Descriptions

If you are interested in helping at our festival, check out these job descriptions and then contact our Volunteer Coordinator: Kim Coleman at 401-7824. 

Publicity:  Spread the word!  Let friends, neighbors other groups and organizations know about the festival. Did you know that we have a special group discount? If you didn’t, others don’t either. We have found that the biggest numbers in our audience were brought by a friend. Share our website address with those who have internet access. That address is: http://www.ocalastorytellingfestival.com/   Inform local and community papers about a great upcoming event.


Distribution:  We have posters and rack cards that we would like to see distributed to places around the area, including restaurants, community rooms, etc.


Sponsorships:  Beyond ticket sales, the festival relies almost exclusively on the generosity of local sponsors in order to keep up the quality of tellers and venues. If you know of possible businesses or individuals who may be interested in becoming sponsors, please share with them information about the festival and urge them to become a sponsor. We have many sponsor levels. Pick up a form from a committee member today. Sponsor forms are also available online.


Grant Writing:  If you have done grant writing in the past or are willing to learn (it’s not difficult, just time consuming), we need you. We would like to continue or even expand the festival, but dollars will always be necessary.


Ticket Sales:  We have available advance tickets, if you are willing to sell them.


Set-Up/Takedown:  Chairs need to be set-up Thursday before the Friday morning start of festival and then folded preparatory for their being removed Saturday night.


Festival Committee:    New voices are always welcome and needed as we prepare each year for next year’s festival.


Site/Venue Manager:  During our Friday morning school field trip program, children are bussed from schools all around Marion County to one of three venues. At these venues the kids move between three more sites to listen to three different tellers. One or two people are needed at each site to direct teachers, chaperones and kids to their seats and to help hand out/pick up materials to teachers as they enter/leave the site. One venue manager is needed to make sure all site managers are in place and to oversee general condition of venue. Our venues this year are Downtown, Appleton and Livestock Pavilion; with an additional Thursday venue in Belleview.


School Group Escorts:  We need several people willing to escort the school groups from site to site within a venue. The Downtown and Appleton venues require a good deal of walking so an escort at these two venues needs to keep this in mind.



Bus Attendant:   Greets the buses as they arrive at a venue and directs teachers, chaperones and students to waiting group escorts who will then take the groups to their appropriate site.


Hospitality:  Will drive (as needed) tellers to lodging and festival grounds. Will provide needed items for porto-potty stations (i.e. hand sanitizer, paper towels, trash bags) and make sure they are restocked as needed. Will check with committee members prior to festival about any other possibly helpful duties. See contact info for committee members below.


Admission:  Help sell tickets at admission table Friday night or during day on Saturday. Choice of times available on Saturday as festival runs all day.


Story Store:  Help sell items in Story Store Friday night or during the day and evening on Saturday. Choice of times available on Saturday.


Tent Monitors:  Help people with seating during main concerts. Help hand out or retrieve material as needed from audience (i.e. door prize tickets, door prizes, etc). Have flashlights available for use by people headed to porto-potties.


Child Watch Area Attendant:  The festival offers a place for toddlers and pre-schoolers to play while parents and older siblings enjoy the stories. Larger play structures are set up and trucks, cars, coloring books and other play items are set out for the kids’ enjoyment. An adult or teen is needed to supervise this area. Child watch area is only available on Saturday from Noon to 5pm. Choice of time slots may be available based on numbers who volunteer. Stories can be heard at the child watch area which is located a short distance behind stage and big tent.