Ocala Storytelling Festival

Our Mission

The mission of the Ocali Storytelling Guild is to preserve, perpetuate, promote and celebrate the art of storytelling by developing and nurturing a storytelling community of tellers, audiences and enthusiasts.

The name Ocali is derived from an old Native American place name for the entire Central Florida area, and the guild enjoys support not only from Marion County, but many surrounding counties as well.  Guild members include both storytellers and story listeners from all walks of life- teachers, librarians, business people, professionals, homemakers and retirees.

What is Storytelling?

Simply put, storytelling is telling a story in an entertaining way.  It is perhaps the world's most ancient art form.  There are as many styles as there are storytellers.  Some styles are culturally based.  For example, in some parts of Africa, the audience raucously enjoins the teller, while in other parts of the world, the teller only proceeds when the audience is absolutely silent.

The types of stories being told today are equally varied- folktales, myths, legends, tall tales, religious stories and dramatic or humorous personal stories are being enjoyed by audiences of all ages.  Some storytellers use mime, music, puppetry and theatrics, but the emphasis is always on the oral communication of a good story.


Meetings are free and open to the public...Come check us out!

Please call our guild President, Jack Copeland to find out where this month's meeting will be held. His phone number is (352) 694-3350.


The magic that is storytelling is enlightening, educational and moving entertainment ideal for:

  • schools

  • libraries

  • museums

  • science and nature centers

  • festivals

  • church groups

  • civic and business groups

  • special occasions

  • holiday events    

 Upcoming storytelling events are listed here.



Become an Ocali Storytelling Guild member today!

Benefits of membership include:

  • Opportunity to be listed in Performance Directory

  • Opportunities to participate in local events

  • Receive announcements of special workshops, story swaps, etc.

  • Meet new friends and support the ancient art of storytelling (and story listening!)

Don't miss out!  Join other local storytellers and story lovers and help us promote our mission throughout the community.  Membership dues are $12 per year - renewable in September of each year.  E-mail our president, Jack Copeland if you are interested in becoming a member. Be sure to put
"storytelling guild membership" in subject line.